How to Embrace Nervousness

This is what happens when you’re playing big in life and nervousness blindsides you.

You’re about to launch your blog, write a deeply meaningful post or article, send a potentially life-changing email, give a speech, jump on a podcast, hold an event, or meet inspirational people…

Your belly is full of butterflies, head dizzy and mouth dry with anticipation, hands are shaking, lungs deflated from shallow breathing and your heart is full of hopes and fears…

Fearful of the possible consequences, you hesitate. Dread fills you all the way to your toes. You imagine the absolute worst. You lose all sense of worthiness and confidence. You forget why you started. Terror takes the wheel.

You focus on what you don’t want to do: make mistakes, cop judgment, look like a fool, be ignored or forget your words.

You’re beyond nervous.

You push publish, hit send, get out of the car, turn the mic on, or answer the phone…

Eyes wide, ears open, all senses on high alert, you take it all in. You harness the adrenaline, you embrace the nerves, and you go. You’re doing it, you’re running, your heart is beating at the pace of a sprinting cheetah.

You launch yourself face first. The stress heightens your energy, concentration, sensitivity, passion, drive, connection, and awareness of everything that’s going on. You might feel clumsy, like you’re stumbling all over the dance floor, but it’s your ultra-awareness that’s giving you a hundred cues a second.

Perhaps you got a little flustered, especially if it was your first time. Maybe you leaned into your thoughts a little too hard, instead of resting deep within your breath, your body. But it was all hopefully worth it, because you tried and you made that thing happen.

You did it.

You can’t stop smiling. In the moment before you receive feedback, before your first comment or like, before the applause fills the room, before the hugs, the hi-fives and the thank-you’s, you’re all lit up. It’s a terrifying moment of silence that can last for a second or a month, but you did it and your soul is dancing for joy.

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you want a full and vibrant life. If you want to make a difference in the world, make friends with nervousness. Embrace it. The next time you feel nervous, take a deep breath and use those feelings to your advantage.

No matter what happens, you did something bold. And that deserves to be honoured and celebrated.

You are here to do great things.

Go on, do it again.

 Much love


Photo credit: Along Mekong via creative commons and photopin


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