Living, Breathing + Feeling Wild



Dancing in the rain

Singing in the trampoline

Limitless love

Rock-solid boundaries

Curly hair, salty lips

Embodying the divine feminine

Home-grown food

Eating with my hands

Cooking with abandon for delicious friends

Muddy, happy feet

Lost in nature

Free like the breeze

Luscious, long baths

Loud, vibrant, joy-soaked music

Sacred truth

Allowing room for softness

Crystals in bras

Heartfelt laughter, storytelling, expression

Skinny-dipping under the stars

Embracing shadows; fearless and brave

Release of that which no longer serves

Sweet spontaneity

Trust, faith, running with the angels

Falling into the arms of the universe


I rarely dance to my own music, I’m always straightening my curly hair, I’m scared of my shadow side, I hide my truth so I’m not judged as weird, I tame my laugh, I time my walks in nature…

Everything I want from life is on the other side of WILD. Letting go is paramount. Loosening up my inhibitions. Shaking off old habits. Expressing myself however I freaking want to is a must.

It’s time to be me in every possible way, even ways I haven’t conceived of yet. It’s time to live from the heart, follow my purpose with pure dedication, and to finally, truly believe that what others think of me doesn’t matter. And maybe get a tattoo (just kidding mum) (not really kidding).

Go create your own wild kind of life. No regrets. No guilt. No shame. Just all of you, free as can be!




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