Soulful Journal Prompts


Journaling is sacred to me.

It’s so intuitive, humbling, exciting, insightful, soulful and most of all, enlightening.

When I sit down to write I usually already have a question, problem, or idea formed in my mind and my pen doesn’t stop until I’ve worked through every answer, feeling, and thought. It can be a long time writing, or it can be a quick and simple paragraph that wraps it all up neatly. Either way, it’s a powerful process that I can’t live without.

Below I’ve put together a bunch of questions for you to get soulful in your next journal session. Choose one or ten, and let them guide you to your own personal and unique line of questioning. Make it what you will. Dive deep. Don’t stop at the first answer, keep going. Ask why? a lot. Challenge yourself with a loving heart.

Morning writing

What dreams have left their imprint on you this morning? What do you think their message is? {Note down all the details you can recall, then delve into how the dream made you feel. Remember dreams are one of the ways our brains process the previous 48 hours, so often you can see where they came from if you look back over the last couple of days. Dreams are also a way of receiving divine guidance, which may be blindingly obvious or take a little time to unravel.}

My perfect day looks like this… Describe it in as much detail as possible, then look for big or small ways to live out this beautiful day today.

Insights. You may feel like free writing for 15 minutes just for fun or to see what kind of insights slide out of your higher consciousness onto the page.

More. Less. What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of in your life?

What do you give yourself permission to do today? Be bold!

How do you want to feel today? Set an intention for the day or week ahead. Elaborate on it. Choose a word based on how you want to feel and live life from that filter.

Is there a soulful ritual you’d like to start today? Is there a way you can begin right now? {Prayer + meditation + journaling in the morning is a powerful way to start the day. You might want to journal with some oracle cards or listen to a guided meditation or send out waves of gratitude through prayer.}

What do you need today? How can you support yourself and your needs and desires today?

Is there a quote or mantra you wish to keep close to your heart today? Life is abundantly good; the universe has my back; I am love; we are all connected; I let the day unfold with ease and contentment; I choose happiness.

Evening writing

When did you feel most alive and vibrant today? What made you smile and laugh? Describe it in as much detail as you can, especially how you felt when you were all lit up, expansive, joyful, and happy.

Care factor. How did you nourish your soul, mind and body today? How did you show yourself kindness and compassion?

What surprised you about today?

How did you follow your instincts? How did that feel?

Shadow side. When did you feel scared or angry, defensive or resentful, unsure or insecure and what do you think those feelings were trying to tell you? How did you react to those feelings today, did you embrace them or push them away?

Listen. Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart centre and take a few deep breaths; is there anything your higher self is trying to tell you?

What are you blissfully grateful for?

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. What small, everyday moments bring a smile to your face as you recall your day? What were the little things that made a big impact?

Your circle. Your tribe. How do your friends add to your life? How do you add to theirs? Who were you in contact with today and how did that affect your day?

How did you slay it, crush it, succeed, and rock your purpose and passions today?

What’s your biggest secret desire right now? When all is quiet, what are you yearning for the most?

Are there any remaining knots in your stomach from a conversation, thought process, memory, or something you read today? What would it take to relax those knots and ease your body into a deep and replenishing slumber?

I hope these help you learn more about yourself and create an amazingly soulful life. And if you’re looking for an easy way to inspire soulful writing wherever you go, check out my Soul to Soul cards available now from Affirmations Publishing House.

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