Rising Up ~ A Poem


Thick, blinding fog

Rising slowly from the dark

Surrounds and fills me whole


I no longer see

My feet struggle to stand firm

Slowly my heart sinks


Deep within

A spark, a fire, an eternal compass

Nudges me onward


One step, one breath

A few steps more

I fall, face first


Instinct kicks in

My hands raise me up

Dirty and broken, I catch a glimpse

Of something so precious and pure


Suddenly I’m propelled

Wings lifting my weary soul

I feel life, I see light, all around me


I know not certainty

Only in this moment:



Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of being a part of a Poetic workshop, hosted by two amazingly talented and gorgeous gals Leah Davies and Megan Gogoll.

Eight women (and my happy little munchkin Ella) gathered in a circle and shared a love of writing, the divine feminine and living from the heart. There was yoga, meditation (by Fiorella Klein, a total goddess) delicious snacks and raw, juicy poetry.

The poem above came out onto paper in only a few minutes. The less I thought about rules and rhyming and what’s right or wrong, the more it flowed. It’s about dealing with post-natal depression, something that hit me hard after my first child, and I’ve seen only in tiny glimpses since my second was born six months ago. It’s something I’m keenly aware of as I know how debilitating and frightening it can be.

But as I read the poem out loud to this group of girls, tears fell rapidly from my tired eyes. They were tears of despair for what has been, but also tears of relief for what is. I’m so grateful to be so positive and energetic as a mama of two, even though it’s been anything but easy these last few months.

Poetry, I love you. For getting in deep past my thoughts and into my emotions. For being raw and precious and silly and wondrous. For having no rules. For bringing us gals together on a sunny Saturday afternoon to laugh, love and share our hearts.





  1. Oh my lady frankie. All the emotion that resonated that day I feel again in these beautiful words. So raw, so vulnerable, so true. Thank you for sharing your depth with us beautiful. And please keep writing poetry Xx

  2. I can feel the release in this poem. The act of exploring and then transcribing the words from that deep place within has now created an opening. Some space. Do you feel it? Your words are divine. Your truth is divine. You, my dear, are divine. Big Poetic love to you xxx

  3. Wow Kris. This is SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing xo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your poem, Kris! It was so powerful when you read it aloud during the workshop! That’s so great that you’ve committed to one poem a week — I should follow suit! <3

    • Hey Julia thanks for your sweet comment! I’m only journalling my poems at the moment, hopefully more to come on the blog soon. And yes, some of them rhyme! Hope you’re well x

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