This is My Spiritual Practice

What is a spiritual practice anyway? Does it need crystals, oracle cards, and meditation?

Recently I had a big soul learning about my spiritual practice.

I love being a mama the second time around. It’s so deliriously good. I make time every day to connect with my son and my daughter, to be available to them physically, emotionally, and in every other way.

But parenting is a hard slog. The mundane can be overwhelmingly boring, while the fun stuff is all on hold indefinitely. Sometimes I struggle through the too short day naps, the regular feeds day and night, the whiny temperament of a baby with a desperate lack of sleep or an upset tummy, the eczema puzzle, the short sleeps for each of us at night, and the endless lego updates from the four-year-old.

And then something epically beautiful and profound clicked the other day as I was listening to a Magic Lessons podcast by Liz Gilbert. She was chatting to Pastor Rob Bell, who is a genuinely amazing guy, about a woman called Missy in Florida who struggles at her call centre job while desperate to be a writer.

I thought, how lucky am I to be a professional writer… my dream job.

Then Liz compared Missy’s job to the time Liz spent scrubbing floors at an ashram in India, and Rob was quick to point out this is her spiritual practice.

I’m not sure I heard much of the remaining podcast because I kept thinking…

This is my spiritual practice

Feeding, rocking, patting… this is my spiritual practice.

Walking, playing, connecting… this is my spiritual practice.

Cleaning, changing, laundry… this is my spiritual practice.

Lego, cars, drawing… this is my spiritual practice.

Bath time, nap time, book time… this is my spiritual practice.

It’s being in the heart of whatever I’m doing.

Life feels transformed; there’s so much purpose in the mundane.

Just like that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

And so are you.

All love


Photo credit: DSC_0075  via photo pin + creative commons



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