An Anchor of Love ~ A Self-Love Practice

People who nurture themselves have an intoxicating sweetness about them. They feel like an anchor of love…

On the surface, it’s in their words. Chatting with them is easy, enjoyable. They often speak of lunches with friends, hot baths, cool swims, the books they’re devouring and the exercise habits they so honestly relish.

It’s obvious they look after themselves by the way they spend their time. Even when life is tough, it doesn’t totally drag them down. There’s always five minutes to meditate or step out of the chaos and tune into their heart.

You can see it in the way they live. The deep breaths they take, the grace in their posture, the nurturing food they eat, the distinct lack of guilt when they ‘cheat’, the way they listen without judgment, and the strange way they don’t need to check social media every few minutes.

Under the surface it’s there too. You can feel it in their loving, high vibes; the comfort in their presence.

They feel like an anchor of love.

Anyone can be a calm, loving presence for others.

It’s not about being perfect, nor is it about having all the time in the world to lounge about at the beach.

It’s all about practicing and prioritizing self-love.

It comes down to carving out regular periods of time just for you.

It’s also about an attitude of love that you carry with you wherever you go in life.

Only then can you be an anchor of love for others.

A few weeks ago, under the excuse of being tired, I snapped at my son when he did something cheeky. Not even naughty. It was a big verbal snap, the kind that went on for a few minutes.

The guilt I felt was terrible, it made me sick. But instead of just feeling horrid and hoping I wouldn’t do it again, I decided to look at my intention as a parent.

Conscious parenting.

When I dug beneath my words and actions, I saw that my intention was to be in control, because having a new baby meant that so much of my life was out of control. Way out of my control. By needing control, I lashed out and it sure as heck didn’t make me feel any better.

So I created a new intention: to be an anchor of love. For my children. For my husband. For friends and family. Not a source of fear and anxiety. Not a controlling, demanding, tired and needy woman. But a mama with strong roots, fierce wings and a big, unconditional heart.

In order to fulfil this intention I needed to fill myself up with love first. That means sunshine and baths, meditation and music, kind thoughts and good food.

And it works beautifully.

Do you feel like an anchor for your loved ones? If not, is there an intention you need to re-set?

Big love




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