Protect Your Precious Energy

Your energy is incredibly precious.


The energy that is wrapped around you and fills you on the inside is always moving, flowing, transferring, transmuting.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only moved. When it gets stuck it can cause an imbalance, that’s why it’s important to breathe and let emotions move through you.

Some days you might give your sacred energy away without knowing it, or people will just take it from you. The further you delve into your spiritual practice, the purer your energy will be. And that’s when you need to actively look after it every day.

As a sensitive soul, I’ve been told by numerous healers and holistic health professionals that I need to protect my energy. If I don’t I’m prone to anxiety, stress, tiredness, and depression. Some days it’s just an icky feeling and I’m not sure where I picked it up.

I’ve wholeheartedly taken this advice on board and it’s such a healthy, gorgeous, grounded feeling. It’s been an important ritual for me to protect myself before I go out, but only recently did I realize how much I need to do it at home as well.

A few weeks ago I finished a blissfully deep meditation, and then I jumped onto social media and read something awful. I couldn’t recover my energy until a bath about eight hours later! It was a terribly confusing, tiring day, and I hope to never repeat that mistake again. Anything that opens your heart wide open – a meditation, massage, reiki, energy healing, deep chat or even if you’re just having a beautiful day – will put you in such a pure space of being that will leave you vulnerable if not protected… while other people may want to take that energy from you, even if they’re not consciously aware of that energetic pull.

Here’s what I do to protect myself…


Aura visualisation

This is a neat trick from my shrink. She says if I’m feeling a bit vulnerable, to close my eyes and imagine where my aura is and what it looks like. If my aura is inside me, I need to pull it out. If there’s a dip, I need to patch it up. And then use both hands to push it out so I’m surrounded by my beautiful, protective aura.

Golden light bath

Imagine a golden light coming from inside you that you gradually make bigger with each breath. As it gets bigger, you breathe into the whole world. I do this meditation regularly, as It helps to soften my edges and protect me from dark energies.

Head cover

Sometimes I intuitively feel like covering my head because this keeps my energy centred, while giving me clarity and focus. It’s especially good during meditations. For anyone into kundalini, you’ll know this is a teaching Yogi Bhajan strongly encourages (especially white scarves). I try to keep a thin scarf in my handbag all the time so I can tie it around my head if I find myself a bit overwhelmed or scattered (also excellent for bad hair days).

Protective intention

If I’m not feeling great I’ll set an intention before I head out. It might be to feel protected, grounded, peaceful and calm, but it changes every day. Intentions work so well, I’m such a devotee. Say it, believe it, and it shall be.


This is particularly useful after a meditation or anytime you’re feeling scattered. There are a few ways you can do it… Stamp your feet. Close your eyes and imagine your feet connected to the earth with roots extending all the way to the core. Drink a herbal tea. Hug a tree. Walk barefoot outside. Have an Epsom salt bath. Take some deep breaths.


If you’re not being true to your word, or if you’re not setting solid boundaries, you may be feeling scattered. Decide, then do. Stay true to you. Say no when you mean no. Say yes after consideration, don’t rush into them.

Honour yourself

Your intuition knows when something isn’t right for you. When a person or place or house or idea just isn’t for your highest good, you’ll feel it in your gut. If you get an inkling, a nudge a pull to stay away, then honour that wisdom.


Look after yourself.

All love


Pic credit: Clarence-Rockland via photopin + creative commons



  1. I love this post Kris. I think we can all too often become swept up in the energy around us. I’ve been practising grounding myself after meditating. I loved Gabby’s quote “I’ll be loving, I’ll be kind, but this energy is mine.”
    I’m definitely going to give the aura visualisation a try. xx

  2. Love this Kris. I am also a highly sensitive soul and it can be really difficult to manage sometimes. I love the ways you have shared here to protect your energy – they are great. I find grounding and meditation to be super helpful, and I am looking forward to trying the other things you have suggested.

    • Thanks Chloe, I think I’m getting more sensitive as I get older,, as I clean up my diet, keep a naturally healthy home and all that. It’s hard to watch the news to be honest, but it’s great to know that there are so many great tools out there to protect ourselves x

  3. Oh this is gorgeous Kris. Thank you for imparting your wisdom! Being at the beginning of my journey, my main focus is presence and paying close attention to what is affecting my energy and how I feel it in my body. I believe that from there, I’ll be better able to support and protect myself 🙂 Love your handy tools. Much love. XX

    • Thanks Che. I’ve been reminded a few times this week to just feel from my body, rather than thinking too much with my head. I think you’re right, it’s the best place to start. Look after yourself, big love x

  4. I loved reading this post Kris. I have always been highly sensitive and often felt my energy draining away from me like a leaping tape. It’s taken many years of learning how to protect myself, unplug from others “stuff” (and knowing that I dont have to save the world!) and above all to keep my own energy! I wish these things were taught in school! I too find that if I hop on social media after meditating I can feel frazzled afterwards. It’s a bit reminder to keep grounding ourselves! Thank you for sharing beautiful xo

    • Hi Jenny, thank you so much. That’s such an interesting point, when we feel like we need to save/change the world, we give out too much of our energy. It’s the being that changes the world, being grounded and true and focused and loving, not so much spilling out all our energy until we’re depleted and hoping the world benefited! Thanks for your comment lovely x

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