Add Creative Sparkle to Your Writing

Sparkling copy gets attention, no matter where it lands.

As a writer, I’ve found that if I’m not pushing my creative boundaries, I’m usually feeling flat. My writing is always a reflection of my inner world. So if I’m feeling flat, then my writing is often feeling dull.

Here are seven of my favourite ways to get the creative juices pumping.

Drink up inspiration

I love unearthing books by writers who are so unexpectedly brilliant with their words. This lights a fire in my belly to be more creative and expansive. If I’m not reading, I’m not writing as well as I could. Current favourite writers include Danielle LaPorte, Geneen Roth, Glennon Doyle Melton and Rebecca Campbell. Dig in.

Play music that fuels you

Let music fill your ears and your whole body, then imagine that feeling overflowing through your fingertips, onto the keyboard and into the readers’ hearts. Find music that moves you as you write, and your words will move the reader. I swear. I believe this has to do with the music switching off the overly analytical part (which is no friend of creativity!), so if you want flow, find the right music first. I particularly love classical and instrumental, but if Beyoncé and Kanye do it for you, get it on.

Distract yourself

There’s a reason why genius often strikes on a restaurant serviette. When you’re having a good time, when you’re relaxed and happy, insight flows through much easier. Go to the beach with your favourite notepad, hit a café post yoga, play with words after a dinner party, scribble notes as you read your favourite book, or keep a notepad by the bath. Daydream often. Let your mind wander. Let it fly. Let the happy hormones move you to a place of freedom and joy because that’s where creativity lives.

Dig a little deeper

When you’re stuck on a word you use often, or a word that doesn’t fully capture the essence of what you’re trying to say, sit with it for a minute. Try ‘happy’… if you think about it, you might mean ‘overjoyed’ and if you think about it a little more, it could be ‘electric’. Aha! There’s a spunky word. Take risks with words, go out on a limb to find the most descriptive word you can. Be wild and unexpected.

Describe your world

The next time you find yourself in nature, describe the place in as much detail as possible. Let your imagination create your words as you describe the sights and sounds. Lean deeply into how the place feels and tastes. Be as adventurous as possible. Maybe the trees look like cake pops and the air smells of a bakery… get as random as you can. The more often you do this the more creative your writing will be. Soon you’ll be doing it everywhere you go and your life (and writing) will be all the richer for it.

Simply does it

Long sentences can be hard work for the reader. Often it’s the simplest phrases that have the most profound impact. Use your imagination and intuition to find a few words that will convey what you’re trying to say in the neatest of nutshells.

If you’re a blogger and you find people aren’t engaging in your posts, this may be due to the length of your article. Be a ruthless editor ~ don’t hold onto a paragraph, word or sentence because you think it’s good, let them go if they’re not necessary or serving the reader.

Explore juicy wisdom

When you read something that knocks your socks off, something wonderfully poetic or a piece of beautiful writing, don’t just acknowledge it and move on – explore it a little. Sit with it. How did it make you feel? What unexpected words did they use? Why was it so amazingly hot? Play with it in your head and you’ll be adding to your foundation of creative writing. Juicy.

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