Shake Up Your Spirituality

Heart wide open. Soaked in love. Revived. Strengthened. Blissed out…

That’s how I felt during six hours with Gabrielle Bernstein last Saturday… it was a real game-changer for my beautiful soul.

Gabby is a spiritual activist, best-selling author, gratitude and meditation guru, and unapologetically shiny soul. She held a workshop in Sydney that was full of inspiration, Q&A’s, breathtaking meditations, dancing, and soul connection. Gabby literally blew my mind so wide open that I was able to let my soul soak up all the love and learning available… and there was a lot going round.

My whole being was rocked, nourished, loved, connected and healed.

Since then I’ve been living and breathing the lessons, letting them roll around in my mind and soak deep into my world. I’ve been sitting calmly with fear and watching the ego in amusement… and generally getting used to this new way of being: living with ease, light as a feather, open to big possibilities, and a crystal clear head which is absurdly invigorating.


Here are the most inspiring lessons from the big day:


1. You are exactly where you are meant to be

We all know this because we’ve heard it a million times but it’s worth kicking things off with this profound lesson. Resistance is totally futile, and the cause of much unhappiness. Right this moment, you’re not meant to be in that other job or with that other person… you’re not meant to be living in another house  or carrying around a different butt. You’re meant to be you, right where you are. Accept that first, then change the situation if you feel called to do so, but do it with love.

2. Embracing spirituality is a choice

We’re all spiritual, there’s no doubt. But every day the choice is yours: how connected and vibrant do you want to feel? As I learned last year, if embracing spirituality means standing out among your friends, it might be time to find a new tribe. {Not that you need to ditch old friends, but everyone needs a gang who speak their language.} Surround yourself with people, books and things that support your spiritual growth. You were born to shine.

3. Love is the way

Living life from a place of love is the answer to basically everything. And as I attempt to make this my norm (so far so good), the ego will always be there. But that’s okay: every day is a dance, from ego to love and cha cha cha. When you’re not in love, the key to a soulful life is getting back to love asap. Recognize what you’re feeling or thinking is just ego, congratulate yourself that you’re able to recognize it, and do what it takes for you to get back to love. Try dance, music, meditation or prayer. I’ve committed to meditation every single morning before my son wakes up so I start the day in the right frame of mind, full of good vibes. And music is totally key to changing my emotional state. Press play, baby.

4. Surrender to your fears

Take the fear in your life, look at it compassionately, and surrender it to Spirit. Surrendering is insanely powerful, and since the weekend I’ve been practicing this and it’s amazing what happens when I let go of the need to fix everything on my own. Because there’s no need to rely on your own strength. When you’re feeling stuck in ego or negativity, ask for help. Continuously ask for help. You’re surrounded by angels every moment of the day, Spirit is there to help, your inner guide has answers, just ask ask ask.

5. Reorganize your thoughts

If you’re feeling stuck in an area of your life, chances are so are your thoughts. Some days I can see them going round in circles, not changing, never evolving. Ask Spirit to reorganize your thoughts so you can creatively look at your situation or life differently.

6. You are being guided all the time

By continuously asking and tuning into answers you’ll soon see that guidance is all around you. Ask for signs, but don’t be too specific… look for coincidences that are anything but, listen to music, watch for anything repetitive, listen to those whose opinions you value, try angel or oracle cards, pick up a book… there’s always information available to help if you’re open.

7. It’s all about the higher good

When you pray and speak to your angels, to Spirit or your inner guide, pray for the higher good, not for what you think you need. Stop asking for specific outcomes, ask for creative possibilities. You don’t know exactly what you need, your inner guide does. Also, use thank you instead of please… I love this. Yesterday on the way to the beach I said ‘Thank you Spirit for guiding and protecting us today, including a handy car spot and a healthy lunch’ {I would normally say ‘Please can we have a car spot next to the beach?’.} We nabbed a car spot across the road from the beach, which was not where I would normally prefer to park, but thank goodness because it was in the shade on a mad hot day… and a scrumptious healthy lunch was ours.

8. Be willing to forgive

Being openly and humbly spiritual doesn’t mean life is all fairy floss and unicorns. People are still going to hate, it’s unavoidable. So often we get angry and just can’t let it go. And no matter what you try, you just can’t forgive them. But the miracle is that there’s a step in between. Don’t try to get to forgiveness in one step, but instead first be willing to forgive. Your logical mind might not like it or get it, but as soon as you’re willing, a miracle occurs. A shift happens.

9. Intuition is the voice of love

Your intuition might be as quiet as a mouse, or it might be as loud as a lion’s roar, but whatever the volume it’s the voice that speaks your truth and love. Follow your gut. Listen to the voice that makes you feel light with love, inspired by life, abundant, and in the flow.

10. Fear is just the ego

Any fears that you have – guilt over food/exercise/parenting/work, not feeling like you’re enough, negative stories from childhood, chaos, drama, judgement – are simply the ego. The ego wants you stuck in anything, ANYTHING, negative so you’re blocked from love. So when the voice pipes up that says ‘there’s something wrong here’, ignore it {unless you’re camping and a hungry lion is approaching, then please listen to that voice}. Your soul does not judge, it knows that you’re connected to everyone else and never separate. The soul is not anxious or worried over nothing. The soul doesn’t want you resisting, uncomfortable or clenched. Anything other than deep peace is just the ego trying it on. You don’t have to get rid of it completely, just see it for what it is, and tune into a different way of being: love.

I know I’m in my ego when I’m dropping things, tripping over nothing, have a headache, uncomfortable on my own, craving sweets, or procrastinating.

11. A roadblock is not the end

If we’re living a life of love, joy and inspiration, road blocks will be seen as a detour to the right direction. When something happens that you think has blocked you, when you’re turned down for a job, when a relationship or friendship doesn’t work out, when you miss out on that online/home auction, when someone doesn’t pick you when you thought they would, try to consider that it wasn’t meant to be for a very good reason, that you’re being pointed in a different and more fulfilling direction.

12. Bring your presence with care

You, bright soul, have a presence like no other. Your presence is your power. Be choosy about who you spend time with and how you interact. Are you investing your time listening to someone else’s ego stories? Are you judging others or full of compassion? Do you need to take time to be by yourself so your presence is clear and peaceful? Are you diminishing your presence by watching the news or staying somewhere where the energy isn’t serving you? Your presence is also apparent when you’re writing, any words that you post on your blog, social media or in an email have an energy around them. Bring the right energy to your words and expect a miraculous reaction.

13. Protect yourself with intentions

To protect your energy and presence you can set intentions. Intentions can involve anything from ‘I am here to serve from a power bigger than myself’ to ‘Today I will not judge’ or ‘I will not pick up other people’s energies, I surround myself with white light to protect myself’. It’s all a part of living on purpose.

14. Have fun to have success

Can we please all agree that rat races and stress bombs are not giving us a meaningful life? Busy does not mean fulfilling. Money does not necessarily mean success. Fun means you’re on the right track.

15. Stop apologizing

This is a big one for me.

Try this on: ‘I am unapologetic about my capacity to heal; I am unapologetic about my capacity to be great; I am unapologetic about my capacity to shine, so others may also shine’.

16. Keep going

Congratulate yourself on every bit of work you do, every book you read, every meditation you commit to, every clean meal you eat, every time you have a loving conversation. You are enough right now, you don’t have anything to prove. You don’t need to be into crystals or goddess circles or whatever the next person is doing, you are complete and whole and awesome at this moment.

Just don’t stop working, because the more you put into your spiritual practice, the brighter you’ll shine. I promise.



Photo credit: Aaron G (Zh3uS)  via photopin + creative commons 





  1. Beautiful Kris – I love these lessons, thanks for sharing them. I’m trying to move through 2015 with much more ease than previous years and I’m making a conscious effort to come at anything from a place of love, it’s already making a huge difference.
    I’m so glad the day was so amazing for you xx

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have been curiously drawn to spiritual topics and investigating the (seriously neglected) spiritual side of myself this year and this post immediately leapt out at me. Some of it is a bit full on for me to adopt, but I love reading about your experiences and thoughts. Can’t wait to hear more! x

    • Hey thank you so much! Gabby is definitely full on, she’s very ballsy about sharing her story and cracking people open to their own spirituality. I think I was just ready for it this year. A year ago? No way, but now it’s been so good. Thanks for your beautiful comment x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Kris!! I knew you would put into words what I could not…thank you 🙂 I just had to share your post in my own one (hope that’s ok!). Amanda xxx

  4. Wow Kris. This is such a beautifully written post. I love your wrap up – it’s just as amazing as the day with Gabby was. xx

  5. Ah you’re too lovely, thank you Erin xx

  6. Oh wow, this was good! I was so sad to miss seeing her speak but I read a couple of great round-ups now. This is a particularly juicy one! Thanks for sharing x

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  8. Oh babe, this is all kinds of amazing!! Love this round-up and thank you for re-sharing it so I could find it again and read it! Big love xx

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