Heal Yourself Through Nature

Last week I had a jaw-dropping, heart-opening insight into healing.


There I was, sitting with my chiro, Dr Gerald Vargas. I needed some help with a sore lower back, and I honestly didn’t think anything negative would come up in our session. I was feeling super that morning. Su-per. But then, a few minutes into it, through his chiropractic and applied kinesiology techniques he found the black dog.

Kinesiology is one of those approaches that’s pretty tricky to understand because it’s not straightforward, but it is so mind-blowing and accurate in my experience. Basically it’s muscle testing to find out what’s going on in the body. This great article explains it in detail. For example, my chiro will ask me if I’m sick/in pain/depressed because of a particular food, something in the environment, past trauma, grief, guilt, and so on, and my body will tell him as he presses against my arm. Strange, but true.

He asked me about depression, how it feels to be depressed when I don’t know I’m depressed. It’s like being stuck, disconnected, numb, confused. Without a clue what’s wrong, I don’t know how to make myself better. There’s no map. No one to show me the way home.

But now that I know I’ve been depressed, it’s easier to navigate myself out of the cave. I’m lucky I find it easy to talk to people about my stuff. Otherwise, I think it could be much worse, I’d be lost for longer.

We chatted for a bit and then Gerald mentioned something off-the-cuff which struck me like lightening. He said depression can creep in when you’re “cut off from the source”.

I almost fell over from the weight of it. “The source?” I asked what he meant. He said depression is more likely to appear when we get disconnected from God, The Universe or The Source, whatever we want to call it, and the best thing to do when I feel any depressive triggers is to connect with the source through nature.

Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountain and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life ~ Morihei Ueshiba



Healing the mind and body can come in many forms. Sliding my feet through the grass, dipping my body in the ocean, walking mindfully through bush, or sinking into an epsom salt bath. This isn’t just nature healing, it’s connecting ourselves to the divine.

All love




  1. Ohhhhh, I like what you’re saying here. Even without any official diagnoses, I KNOW that time in natures heals like nothing else. And it’s funny { or not, to be more precise } our digital world holds us back from that… You’re a really good writer Frankie. xx

    • You nailed it! We’re trying to connect through our phones and computers and that’s all well and good for a limited time. But real connection is with people, holding their hand, and with nature, letting the strength of nature hold us. Thanks for the lovely comment you’re awesome Amber x

  2. Hi Frankie. I love the rawness and honesty of your post. I also love, love, love the revelation. I have been working myself really hard lately and it has been to the sacrifice of anything and everything that recharges and reconnects me. Your post was like a lightening bolt to me too. When I’ve finished typing this message to you I’m going to sit and meditate for 10 minutes and just give my mind some space. And tomorrow, instead of working at my computer all through my (day job) lunch break, I’m going to go for a walk outside. Thank you. Wonderful advice at just the right time. xx

    • Hey Sarah that’s awesome to hear it was helpful for you too. Hope the meditation was awesome! A hit of depression and now a head cold and I feel like I have a chance to recharge this week. In nature of course xx

  3. Oh I agree wholeheartedly…I grew up in the bush near the ocean, and now living in Melbourne don’t get much of either. When I get back to the sea, it’s like there’s a part of me that drops back into place, and I’m like oh, THIS is what was missing.
    Love it. Thank you. x

    • Louise that’s it! Whenever I’m in the ocean that’s EXACTLY how I feel. Blissed out and whole. Thanks so much for stopping by x

  4. Great post Kris…I’m a fellow BE&BH sister blogger. I come back to mother nature again and again for healing… she works her magic on me everytime! In fact I just wrote a blog post yesterday about the healing power of trees & rocks 🙂 http://jasmineyogini.com/2014/08/05/finding-your-feet-getting-grounded-balancing-the-root-chakra/ . Keep up the good work dear one!

    • Hey tree hugger! I loved your post too, isn’t mama nature magic. I love how you open your heart to the tree, I’ll be onto that one tomorrow. Thanks for the comment x

  5. I loved this post! I have been navigating life with anxiety and depression for the last 4 years, and everything you said here was so accurate. When I was at my lowest point, I was too anxious to leave the house at all, which actually made it so much harder to heal. Once I started making time outside a priority, my health improved dramatically. With two little ones it can sometimes feel much easier to just stay at home, but I now have a rule that I have to get outdoors at least once a day, otherwise the anxiety creeps back in (not to mention the kids get a bit manic when they’ve been inside all day!). Gorgeous post Frankie 🙂

    • That must have been awful, stuck inside because of anxiety. Mine went awol when I had my son, I really didn’t cope. Thank god for awesome holistic practitioners, nature, and beautiful peeps like you! We’re not alone, never alone. Thanks so much for your comment x

  6. I love this Kris, thank you. I get so caught up in my ‘to do’ list sometimes that I forget how soul nourishing it can be to step away from the computer and head outside for some much needed one on one time with Mother Nature. There’s few things more beautiful than being outside, closing your eyes and simply listening to what surrounds you. This shall indeed be on my ‘to do’ list (hehe) this weekend. X

    • Hey Che, a few minutes in nature can mean the rest of the day works in beautiful harmony, I hope you get some nourishment soon. I love the sound of your weekend to-do list! x

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