How Numerology Works + My Story

Are you curious about numerology? Do you wonder how numbers can guide us to understand ourselves better? Or how they can shape the way we live?

Then this article is perfect for you. Here I’ll provide a snapshot of how it works… plus I’ll tell you all about the day I discovered it for myself.

What is numerology?

Numerology is where maths meets the mystical. I used to think it was a whole lot of unproven magic, but now that I understand how it works and what it means in my life. I consider it a highly practical understanding of self.

I love this particular description from

“In the last hundred years or so, physicists have discovered that matter is only perceived as solid and unchangeable, but in reality the whole world is made of vibrations. Every minuscule particle is a wave in disguise. Everyone and everything in this world is a complex combination of vibrations.

“Now, keeping in mind that each vibration is characterized by its frequency, and a frequency is basically a number, wouldn’t it then make sense to say that the whole world is made of numbers; that everyone and everything can be described as a complex combination of numbers? This is exactly the main idea behind numerology.”

The usual way of applying numerology to your life is by finding your life path numbers and seeing what they hold. Everyone is born with a unique set of numbers based on their birth date, and each of these numbers has it’s own meaning. Once you’ve discovered your numbers, you can learn more about your personality, talents, career, finances, and relationships.

You can work out your ‘life path’ number (or birth number) by adding your birth date together. If you were born on 30th June 1980, you add together 3+0+6+1+9+8+0=27. Now add your total together (2+7=9) and that’s your life path number. You’re a 27/9.

Check out this awesome article for a general description of what each number means. And head to for more info.

My day of numbers

Recently I visited one of best Australian numerologists, Jacquie Mendez. Today I’m still amazed at not only the accuracy of what Jacquie told me, all based on my birth date, but also the deep, wonderful insights into my personality. I honestly felt validated and more sure of myself than I had in a long time.

Jacquie spoke pretty rapidly for over an hour, and there wasn’t one thing she said that wasn’t true. Not one thing!

It’s an amazing feeling to have someone tell you ~ with love, connection and honesty ~ all about yourself. It opened me up to who I am, what I do, how I do it and the reasoning behind it all. It gave me direction, confidence, focus, patience and tremendous understanding.

Here are the big lessons I learned about my life path number ~ 32/5.

Life Path 5

The key with this number is that I’m here to find inner freedom through discipline, focus, and depth of experience. This will mean different things to different people, but for me it meant this: when I value self-discipline, when I stick with something and experience it fully, I am gaining the most out of life. I am completely free.

When I look back at my life I can see that at the times I was most disciplined and focused, I was the happiest.

Number 5’s also love adventure, variety, and meeting new people; we’re multi-talented, great with words, and my favourite bit: “Once you find what you love, the motivation and inspiration you give to others will bring you much in return”.

There are a few negatives, including restlessness, impatience, erratic feelings, easily bored, tendency to overindulge; we might cling to people and situations that have outlived their time, and we often don’t finish what we set out to do. Well… yes. All true.

Life Path 3 + 2

Here are the insights that really stood out for me…

I have the ability to uplift and inspire others

I have the power of expression at my disposal, I am here to bring positive heartfelt self-expression into the world

I can be hypersensitive to criticism

I can be my own worst critic

My nature is that of a peacemaker

I intuitively know what others need and feel

I need to find a balance between giving and receiving

I can’t let myself be a doormat to others

A peek into the future

Surprisingly there was a bit of future prediction too. To be honest, I don’t like anyone predicting what will happen in my life, it freaks me right out. But with numerology, it’s different.

Jacquie uses a mix of astrology and numerology to look ahead. For each month over the next year, she was able to give me valuable information. Like when I’ll most likely feel like being social or stay at home, and when is a good month for working hard or focusing on the family. It’s the greatest monthly planner ever!

There was so much more that Jacquie told me which helped me understand what’s going on for me and what’s coming up. No scary predictions, just helpful, totally useful, exciting information.

It was one of the most enlightening days of my life.









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