Shamanic Healing ~ A Massage for the Soul

Shamanic healing – or shamanism – is one of the oldest forms of healing on the planet. It originated in indigenous tribes all over the world. A shamanic healer in Australia may use ancient wisdom from our indigenous people, or they may have studied a different country’s teachings. All healers approach each client differently, depending on their gifts and what kind of teachings they’ve resonated with. You might find a basic healing, similar to reiki, where hands are placed on or near the body; or you might find feathers, crystals, music, instruments and other kinds of healing tools in your session.

I wanted to share my stories as I’ve had two shamanic healings and they were both beautiful life-changing events.

#1 Shamanic healing with crystals and drums

About a year and a half ago I was feeling lost, alone, depressed, a bit unsure about myself as a parent and my place in this world. I received an email offering a discount at a local healing center. I checked it out and it looked amazing, so I booked in for a shamanic healing.

From the moment I met Anne, my healer, I felt better. She was so centered and I felt the complete opposite! We had been talking about my issues for a few minutes when the whole room lit up; I mentioned it to her and she said: “There are lots of helpers here for you”. I felt big love in an instant, the kind of gorgeous love that comes from the Universe/Great Spirit/God. It was such a relief I burst into tears. I knew I was never alone but I had been doubting everything about myself for so long.

After a really lovely chat, I was moved into a comfortable massage room. I lay down on the table on my back, and Anne moved around me, banging gently on a small drum, using other instruments, laying crystals around me and gathering info from another realm. After 10 minutes she turned me over and that’s when I went into a deep meditation. When she was finished she asked me to sit up and I felt sparkly clean, vibrant, alive and whole again.

She told me a few things that she’d learned during that time: that my spirit animal is a dolphin (Squeak!), that the angels think I’m an amazing Mum, and that I need to have more confidence in myself and my decisions. If you were a skeptic, you’d argue that anyone could figure that out and bang a few drums. But the healing wasn’t about what the mind needed to know, it was about clearing the body and bringing the soul back to love. A healing like that goes beyond thoughts and skepticism, it’s a feeling deep, deep down that everything has been restored. And so it was.

#2 ~ Shamanic healing with music and sage

In the article I mentioned above I had the wonderful luck to interview Beáta Alföldi, an amazing healer based in Bondi. Last week I was blessed to meet her and experience a healing… I can still feel the peace I found in that session.

First, we talked about my life, recent traumas, friends, career, and other stuff that came up. Beáta was able to give me a fresh perspective on many issues even before the physical healing began. I felt like I had released so many worries, could see my potential, and felt courage and grace like I hadn’t in a while.

After our chat, I lay on her massage table and she played beautiful music, burped (I know it sounds weird, but it’s just the way Beáta works… it didn’t feel weird at all) and cleared any darkness from my body while healing my soul. There was incense, burning sage, and crystals too.

Afterwards, I felt like we didn’t have to talk at all, like there was some soul connection happening and I innately understood what to do with my day (go gently) and my life (be powerful!). We did have a little chat before I left, then I felt I flew out of there on new wings.

I’m forever grateful for these two women and other dedicated healers like them, for the work they do and the healing they provide. If you’ve ever experienced reiki and want something a bit deeper, this might be just the thing for you.






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