Practising Kindfulness

I had a crazy day in the city with my boy yesterday. I had planned a fun day of fish and trains but that was all turned on its head. With a bang.

In a nutshell it went like this: got up and ready, didn’t check weather forecast, got on bus soaking wet, got on train, kid got motion sickness, ate a big breakfast for lunch in town, went to line up at the aquarium, was told in a quiet voice “no carium”, walked back into the city in the pouring rain holding the boy and pushing the pram, kid fell asleep as soon as inside pram indoors, I shopped, lost a bag of shopping, went halfway home, bought milkshake and toys, spilled milkshake on jacket, got home, was happily exhausted.

It was an exercise in patience, as these outings usually are. But the whole day was full of small, not-so-random acts of kindness. I live in a big big city where you’re likely to get knocked over by the sheer arrogance of people. And their elbows. But not yesterday. Yesterday I felt the people pick me up, emotionally… and the pram, physically. It felt like kindfulness: being mindful of all the kindness around me, instead of wet shoes and sore arms.

Let me count them, let me literally count my blessings…

1. An old lady on the bus smiled and chatted with my son; gave us pure sunshine for 5 minutes

2. The bus driver smiled and waved when my son said “thank you”

3. A (smiley!) teenage school boy offered to pick my stroller up and onto the train (I almost fell over in shock)

4. A lovely mum on the train told me what a cute and good boy my son was, chatted for a while, took my boy’s hand to help him off the train

5. Too many people to count gave us a smile and wide birth as we ran around town like a couple of wet meerkats

6. A burly security guard carried the stroller in and out of Zara

7. An old couple told my boy he was “so good!” and helped with the stroller

8. A homeless man entertained the boy with bird noises to distract him from a meltdown. It worked. Bless him

9. A school girl kicked up a couple of chairs on the bus to make room for our stroller

Nine… and so much more. My heart was so full when I got home. I realized a few things: my boy is amazing (ok I already knew that but he proved it again, even though there were mini tantrums, he’s a good listener), and people are generous, helpful and kind in their heart.

Sometimes it takes a little rain to find it.

x Frankie


  1. Frankie, thank ye. I knew I was in Sydney when I read your kindfulness post. Bless your journey and keep inspiring the flared nostril, suck in the beauty, georgeousness of being alive.
    Go well from Janelle.

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