WILD & WISE is a deep dive into your absolutely amazing intuition.

It’s a soulful and inspired ebook full of fresh and exciting information to help you understand where your sixth sense comes from and how it works.

You’ll find plenty of practical and down-to-earth exercises, plus real-life stories to inspire you to live from the heart.

Listen to your Soul. Honour your wisdom. Follow your bliss to the life of your dreams.


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THE INTUITIVE PLAYBOOK is a super fun workbook which will show you how effortlessly you can tune into your inner wisdom.

Your intuition is guiding you all the time, but it’s only when you consciously tune in that you’re able to notice the whispers, wisdom and signs that are within and around you always.

Inside this ebook, you’ll find 40 inspiring, everyday exercises that will give you greater insight into your own instinct. From soulful journalling to creative art expression, meditation, self-healing, cooking, prioritising pleasure, and so much more, The Intuitive Playbook is a joyful way to appreciate and embrace your eternal self.

This beautifully designed and thoughtfully created book is available FREE when you sign up for my weekly intuitive newsletters.


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