How I Connect With My Spirit Guide

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that I’m being protected and guided.

As a child I talked to God, but when I drifted from the church in my early 20s, I didn’t feel comfortable talking to God anymore. I wasn’t sure who God really was because as there was so much of the bible that didn’t resonate with me (hell, for example). I needed a break. I needed to explore other spiritual paths. Thankfully I connected with a few beautiful spiritual people shortly after I left who gave me a few valuable clues about my guide and angels.

In my late 20s, I was in a gorgeous new age store when a book called Opening to Channel fell on my lap. How convenient. As I was paying for it, a woman next to me gave me a big, lovely, warm smile. I wanted to hug this stranger just because she felt so good to be near. I think maybe our souls just had a knowing and hugged each other anyway. I took it as a sign.

I tried to get into the book it a few times, but it wasn’t until shortly before my son was born that I really started, but then promptly forgot about it until after my daughter was born two years ago. When I dusted it off I felt hungry for something and I didn’t know what. Connection? Guidance?

As I devoured the soulful words I learned about guides and how they love us and want to help us through our lifetime.

The authors (and their guides) classify spirit guides as beings of “pure light and spirit” who may have previously incarnated on earth, but some have not. They also write:

“Guides are certain beings who are highly skilled at transmitting energy from their dimension into yours… and it is done most often out of pure love of humanity and devotion to transmitting higher ideals.”


I also read that they can send you information in your dreams. So I asked my guide if they would tell me their name that night.

They did. Well, sort of.

I dreamt that I was with an old school friend called Stephanie. The dream was so very vivid that it felt like a divine answer. I decided to call my guide Steph, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t their actual name. I had no idea why, but it seemed like a temporary name to give me a sense of initial connection.

Since connecting with Steph I’ve had some really beautiful experiences with them, especially meditations. During meditations she’s held me and guided me and loved me and brought me into the spirit world where I felt totally, utterly blissful.

During one particularly incredible meditation I sat with Steph next to a well of the purest water. It was like coconut water for the soul. I drank it messily – my soul was clearly parched – and when I was done Steph was smiling at me. As I sat taller I could see all of my teachers from this life around me, from my husband to my meditation teacher and many, many others. They were all in spirit form and not easy to make out visually. But I felt what they wanted to tell me: “You are always guided and loved. We’ve been with you for lifetimes. You’re doing amazing work.”

During another meditation I sat with Steph and asked her if I was doing anything wrong. She smiled, taking my hand, and said:

“That’s not how it works here. You can’t do anything wrong. Just keep following your intuition.”


Then late last week I chanced upon the name Celeste twice in one hour. It finally felt like I’d found my guide’s name. I can’t explain how I knew it was her real name, but every part of me felt aligned with that name. So I asked to see the name once more to be sure, and I saw it the next day. All in divine timing.

Now I know my beautiful guide is Celeste. And Celeste, if you’re reading this (haha trick question!), thank you for all that you are.

And yes, I’m back in touch with the Great Spirit (God) with whom I feel connected to more than ever. (If you really want to know who God is, and what they believe about the big bang, unconditional love, sex, divorce, war, the environment and your unique magnificence, read this book.)

All love


How beautiful is this quote from the guides of the authors of Opening to Channel:

“It is possible to achieve higher consciousness in one lifetime now more than ever before. There is much joy and laughter in our realms, so do not take yourself too seriously. Play with the universe, and let the universe play with you. Bringing through your guide is just the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with the mustery of discovery, the joy of learning, and the well-being that comes from living in the light.”


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